LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Management System
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
GPM – Global Performance Monitoring System
GradeCard® is a robust enterprise software system that captures data from a customer's ERP system, stores the data in a non-proprietary database, compiles, and analyzes the data to provide customer insights into supplier performance in the form of a periodic, electronically transmitted GradeCard®. Both customers hosted and Lyons ASP hosted solutions are available.

GradeCard® provides users across a site or enterprise with quick insights into supplier performance, spending levels for purchased products, and purchase price variance analysis information. For example, senior management may quickly determine if a supplier is performing better at a sister manufacturing site or is charging more at a specific site within the company enterprise.

GradeCard®'s data collection and analysis processes are almost entirely automated; companies no longer need to feel overwhelmed analyzing large amounts of supplier performance data. GradeCard® accesses multiple data sources, easily working with enterprises that have developed distributed database systems.
GradeCard® was developed by supplier performance management experts to enable companies to work collaboratively with their suppliers to improve performance and, thereby, decrease costs and increase profits. GradeCard® offers a quick ROI as a result of the discipline that can be added to the procurement process when a company has detailed supplier and company performance information. GradeCard® adds value to the business information environment by integrating and analyzing common procurement information already present.
GradeCard®’s unique competitive advantage is that it provides a comprehensive analysis of supplier performance which enables a company to take effective action to improve supplier performance. In addition to analyzing suppliers, GradeCard® has the unique ability to provide insight into the processes inside the user’s company that contribute to suppliers being unable to deliver products on time or in the correct quantity or quality. This includes lead-time violations and purchase order change histories. GradeCard® also includes spend analysis as part of the Supplier Performance Management system, allowing customers to view spending dynamics among and between suppliers.
GradeCard® is a first-rate solution for supplier performance management.
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