LQATS – Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System
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In the business world, maintaining a competitive advantage is often linked to knowing when the business environment changes or a competitor's position changes in the marketplace. Competitive advantage is often linked to a company's ability to globally gather and strategically manage business information. Companies gain a competitive edge in decision-making and responsiveness capabilities by effectively integrating data from across the enterprise.

A centralized repository of real-time quality inspection and audit information provides a company and their suppliers with an enhanced capability to monitor and respond to the business marketplace. The solution provides quick visibility of information along with timely access to accurate and easy to understand business data.

LQATS is a robust, flexible, web-based solution that gathers, analyzes and displays quality audit results generated by staff and suppliers of a manufacturing organization. LQATS offers a global quality system solution for the apparel industry. Staff and suppliers are empowered to create, manage, and report audit information in a secure data environment. LQATS gathers real time quality audit information from suppliers (shipment audits), company auditors (final and pre-production audits), distribution centers and manufacturing plant sites located around the world.

Reviewing current quality performance across different business lines quickly and easily is paramount to knowing if there are problems, and if so the degree of the problem. Through the LQATS reporting flexibility and graphical representation of data, managers know the quality performance status of any business line in seconds instead of days.

Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System (LQATS) improves your competitive edge by providing real-time product quality performance visibility across your global enterprise. Product quality problems are quickly identified along the production process, suppliers are immediately notified of non-conformance events, and management has the capability to view the global quality performance of their business enterprise. The improved focus leads to increased profits from the power derived by LQATS.

LQATS offers a powerful, easily managed, and affordable solution to product quality audit information tracking and reporting using objective measurement-to-specification comparisons for product compliance quality determinations. LYONS’ web-based solution offers unique flexibility to meet your business requirements as opposed to systems that must be “configured” to a fairly rigid, inflexible design model. LQATS is streamline to afford easy enhancements, deployment, and usability built upon industry standard technologies that are currently popular and non-proprietary. In short, LQATS is a quality system that users “grow into” rather than “out of”.

Simple to Use
A combination of dynamic graphics, drop down lists, data grids, and data validation rules makes entering and editing information simple and intuitive. Appropriate users may choose what is shown and available for selection to auditors such that nothing is “hard coded” and unable to be changed. This is not a trivial feature, and one that has gained much praise by our customers.

Remote Reach
Suppliers and “outside” manufacturing plant sites may enter audits for products to be shipped using LQATS from their individual site locations. Remote users are also free to view their own quality product performance reports and view past audits. With a PC, an internet connection, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (or above) software, and access to LQATS, users may perform many product quality related tasks worldwide. Our systems have even been tested using dial-up modem internet access from plant sites in Bangladesh, and Taiwan without connection or performance problems.

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