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Lyons Information Systems, Inc® maintains a software escrow contract with EscrowTech located in Linden, UT. The contract provides our customers the ability to request and receive source code, files, and implementation instructions for products that they have licensed from us in the event that their licensed product is no longer supported by Lyons Information Systems, Inc.

As a beneficiary to a software escrow, our customers are notified by EscrowTech whenever updates to our software products occur. Beneficiary contracts for the source code of our software are established between our customers and EscrowTech. A very  modest yearly beneficiary fee is charged by EscrowTech to each customer for the escrow no matter how many separate applications are being  stored in their repository.  The beneficiary agreement is not mandatory, and is between EscrowTech and the LIS customer.


Current location of LYONS systems source code under Cottonwood Mountain in Linden, UT.
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