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White Papers
Many decisions contribute to the design and creation of a new supplier performance management system. The tough questions are generally, “What shall we measure?” and “How shall we measure it?” Software vendors who build supplier management systems are also faced with these complex issues. This White Paper outlines an approach to Supplier Performance Measurement that has proven to be successful. The GradeCard® product incorporates the ideas presented in the paper.
GradeCard® Supplier Performance Measurement
Effective Quality Assurance systems are the foundation for successful manufacturers. Beyond brand name, price, and market share, poor product quality can sink customer demand for a company’s goods. Increased off-shore manufacturing, company mergers of products and information systems, quicker on-shelf finished goods timetables, and skyrocketing transportation costs have all added to the complexity and costs of quality assurance. QA software systems can help, but manufacturers must be able to assess quality software systems to make sure their needs are met. Asking the right questions and doing your homework will magnify your chances of selecting the correct assessor.
Choosing a Software Vendor
Case Studies
We deliver software solutions that save our customers money and empower them to better understand and run their businesses.
The GradeCard® case study concerns the design, implementation, and results of a supplier performance management system implemented by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. The solution became the precursor to our popular GradeCard® supplier performance management system.
Download GradeCard® Case Study
The LQATS Case Study reveals the profitable impacts of our Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System for a large textile manufacturer.
Link to LQATS Case Study
Professional Hosting Services – outlines our available hosting solution for any of our software systems.
Download Professional Hosting Overview
GradeCard® – highlights our Supplier Performance Management System features and benefits.
Download GradeCard® Brochure
LQATS – highlights our Lyons Quality Audit Tracking System benefits and features.
Download LQATS Brochure
Value Analyzer
Provides an estimate of the cost savings that a company may experience with GradeCard®. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet model was created by Lyons based on research performed and published by the Aberdeen Group.
Download Value Analyzer spreadsheet

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The Supplier Performance Measurement Benchmarking Report, Dec 2002
Aberdeen Group published results of their research into how successful manufacturing companies were when they implemented performance measurement and reporting policies with their suppliers. Their findings are incorporated into our Value Analyzer used to estimate cost savings and ROI values.
Download Report
Quality Audit Tracking: The Key to Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value
This article outlines important questions and techniques to consider when approaching the process of implementing a new quality assurance system, i.e., buy or build, political positions, key stakeholders, etc. The paper was used at a recent ASQ Conference.
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