Lyons Information Systems, Inc. provides solutions to plug the profit leaks. We deliver innovative and cost-effective supply chain management and quality assurance information systems to worldwide manufacturers.

Our solutions provide strategic value by being affordable, unintrusive, comprehensive, and flexible to meet individual customer needs.

The power of seeing real-time quality performance information across your worldwide business enterprise is invaluable for added profitability to all lines of business.

Why select Lyons?

LQATS is a robust, flexible, web-based solution that gathers, analyzes and displays quality audit results generated by staff and suppliers of a manufacturing organization. As a result of efficiencies in quality and data control, your business gains a stronger foothold in the market and gains a sharper competitive edge. LQATS offers a global quality management solution that empowers your staff and external support organizations to create, manage, and report meaningful, timely information for quick, effective response. LQATS gathers real time quality audit information from auditors at any supporting organizations e.g., suppliers, mills, factories, distribution centers, etc. around the world. learn more
LLMS – Lyons Laboratory Management System
Provides a web-based, quick data entry process for recording AATCC and ASTM test results that automatically determines pass/fail test status of jobs within a testing laboratory. Custom test result templates may be created to augment the system, and images and other attachments may be included in the final, flexible test report. learn more
Provides real-time quality performance measurements of your supplier and other manufacturing support centers quality performance worldwide on a single webpage. With drilldown capabilities, GPM gives senior management staff a global view of the “health” of the their company from the perspective of support organizations that influence their success. learn more
Tired of leaking profits? Measure, evaluate, communicate and manage supplier performance with GradeCard®. The GradeCard® report provides supplier ratings for objective supplier evaluation on a monthly or quarterly basis. learn more
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